about us

Tina and Bruce Mcpherson worked and travelled extensively overseas with their young family before choosing to settle in the fertile fields of the coral coast that surround the town of Bundaberg. They were attracted to the combination of Queensland lifestyle, the tropical climate and the region's ability to grow fruit and vegetables of superior quality out of season.

Experience in animal and plant nutrition and their passion for fresh produce and good food led them to establish their strawberry business on a quiet property just out of the town centre, where the autumn sun, the red soil and the crisp nights of Bundaberg conspire to produce a taste sensation.

Tinaberries is open daily throughout the season, which extends from June through to October. Farm visitors are warmly invited to visit the property to purchase their farm fresh, lush strawberries for which Tinaberries have become renowned.

Tinaberries storyboard

At Tinaberries we passionately employ sustainable farming practices. An integrated pest management (IPM) system is used as a management tool to control strawberry pests. A 'pest' is not just an insect but anything that detrimentally attacks our tinaberries. Our Integrated Pest Management system includes the introduction of marigolds as companion plants (they help deter certain pests), applying minimal sprays and the use of biological controls wherever possible. Biological controls are also known as 'good bugs', which are the natural enemies of the pests that feed on and damage our berries. We can release these predatory 'good bugs' in a controlled manner and they can assist in eliminating this problem. Our aim is to reduce the environmental 'footprint' of our farm and to preserve the ecological health of our immediate and surrounding environment.